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Founded in 1916, the China Geological Museum has accumulated rich natural essences and intangible assets in the course of the simultaneous development of modern Science with China, and has been renowned for its collection system, fruitful results and exquisite displays in similar museums in Asia.

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  • 1. Audiences must show their tickets, which are valid on the same day.
  • 2. Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9: 00-17: 00 (closing at 16: 00).
  • 3. Closing time: Monday (except legal holidays); New year's eve to the first day of the lunar calendar.
  • 4. Address: West road, 750 meters south of Yifen bridge, Taiyuan city
        Shanxi Provincial Natural Resources Department is 580 meters south.
  • 5. Telephone: 0351-4069643
  • 6. Tickets can be collected at the entrance of the exhibition hall with valid certificates or reserved online on this website.

Collection boutique

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  • Online reservation
    Instructions for appointment
  • 1. For online reservation, please submit the reservation form 1 day in advance. Every valid certificate, Every day you can only make an appointment once, with a maximum of 20 people each time. The appointment is valid on that day.
  • 2. Please enter the museum by checking tickets from the east gate of the museum with the reserved QR code.

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